Classic Treat! 4 Brits in Jesus Christ Superstar!

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Four Brits, most of whom are based at JHQ, will be taking part in a production of the 1971 classic musical Jesus Christ Superstar at the end of June, with two of them landing themselves the leading roles.

Ian Rowles, Tim Nicholl, Greg Russ and Andrew Charlwood are members of the Creative Arts Group Düsseldorf (CAGeV), a Dramatic Society that has included Evita as one of their many past sell-out productions.

Ian Rowles, who is delighted to have got one of the lead roles, says that the musical is told from the point of view of Judas, the part that he is delighted to have been given.

He said: “It is somewhat controversial, making Judas a character that people might be able to relate to or even, dare I say, sympathise with, but it should be a good challenge.”

Andrew Charlwood will play the other main role of Herod, Tim Nicholl will play a priest and Greg Russ will be playing in the orchestra.

Ian added that the musical will be given a certain modern makeover. “We have kind of set it in modern day and our costumes reflect that.

“So rather than 70s clothes we will be wearing clothes from the present decade, and the music has changed to a more current tempo, but the show is full of songs you will all recognise.”

If you fancy going to see the musical, with an impressive 100 people in the cast, the charity performances, in aid of the Multiple Sklerosis Home Group MS –Treffare Erkrath and the Hephata Home for the Handicapped, Am Schellenberg in Mettmann, will be on June 30 and July 1 at the Erkrath Stadt Theatre in Düsseldorf.

For more information or to buy tickets visit the show’s website at

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